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Mezcal USA is honored to have built a bridge to the heart of Mexico’s treasured and storied history of Mezcal distilling. We proudly bring to the USA only the best, most loved spirits distilled from agave and traditionally produced throughout Mexico for generations.

Mezcal USA se honra de haber construido un puente hacia el corazón de la valiosa historia de la destilación de mezcal en México.Con orgullo traemos sólo los mejores y más apreciados destilados de agave, producidos tradicionalmente a lo largo de todo México por generaciones.

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An American’s love affair with Mezcal begins

In late July 2018 American businessman Ferrill Hicks was visiting Mexico, hungry and thirsty Ferrill walked into La Perla’s beachfront restaurant bar in Zihuantanejo, totally unaware that he was about to experience “love at first sip”

La Perla’s friendly proprietor Francisco Barra Rivera spotted Ferrill and took a liking to this tall American with the long white ponytail. He introduced himself to Ferrill and in conversation he asked Ferrill if he had ever tried Mezcal. Ferrill’s response was typically American, “well I never ate the worm” Francisco smiled kindly, completely used to non-Mexicans not being familiar with Mexico’s long treasured history of distilling spirits from Agave Plants.

“Let me explain Mezcal” and the story began, first with Ferrill trying Francisco’s own Mezcal. Ferrill’s instant enthusiasm for the complex spirit lead to Francisco bringing out 6 different bottles of Mezcal and the teaching began.

Ferrill proved to be an eager and excellent student. Studying the art of mezcal distilling has taken Ferrill on many adventures including a 7 hour bus ride with Francisco to Morelia, the capital of Michoacán where they were picked up by Francisco’s friend Misa who drove them Etúcuaro located in the hills of Morelia, where the agave is grown and the Mezcal is produced much like it has been for 1000 years.

While in Etucuaro Ferrill was introduced to many hardworking owners and workers who produce the Mezcal. He became completely enamored with the ancient process.


Returning to his hometown of San Diego, California Ferrill found that he couldn’t stop thinking of Mezcal. He began to search locally and was able to find a few places with fairly good selections of Mezcal.

Eventually he found Tahona, in Old Town San Diego and its co-owner Steven Sadri. Ferrill continued his education of Mezcal which included introducing many of his friends to Mezcal tastings at Tehona. Much to his delight they all loved it.

With the idea of importing Mezcal to the United States Ferrill went on a mission to the states of Cuerro, Michoacán, and Morellos, tasting every Mezcal he could find. A hard job but someone had to do it.

In 2019 Ferrill approached his friend and Mezcal mentor Francisco Barra Rivera about exporting his and many local producers Mezcal to the USA, after receiving an enthusiastic response Mezcal USA was formed.

Mezcal USA’s goal is to support the people of Mexico – the small family businesses that have passed recipes and techniques down for generations. As a Mezcal distributor, we want to support the preservation of the agave plant and the people who grow it. When you use Mezcal USA as a distributor for Mexican spirits, you’re bringing truly unique, special handcrafted spirits to your customers.