About Our Mezcal

Our mezcal comes from distillers that are not distributed by anyone else. They are artisanal, small batch distillers who are masters of their craft. When you distribute with Mezcal USA, you are supporting small family businesses.

Our Mezcal comes from all over Mexico:

  • Guerrero
  • Michoacan
  • Morelos
  • Oaxaca

Distributing With Us

What we need from you:

  • Are you a restaurant or liquor store?
  • Single location or multiple?
  • What kind of volume are you anticipating to sell?

We distribute to:

  • Restaurants
  • Liquor stores
  • And more

Mezcal Tastings

Looking to carry Mezcal but not sure where to start or what your customers want? We host restaurant Mezcal tastings! Mezcal alone or with food pairings provides a fun & unique experience for your customers, while also providing you insight on the types of Mezcal that your customers appreciate.

Are you interested in distributing with Mezcal USA? Call Us!